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The Best Baking Podcasts for Fall Thumbnail

The Best Baking Podcasts for Fall

As the leaves turn golden and the cool breeze sets in, there’s no better time than the start of fall to indulge in baking and all the cozy aromas it brings. We’ve got some avid bakers on our team here at WHZ – especially Associate Vice President, Wealth Advisor Holly C. Wanegar, CFP®; she really “takes the cake” (see what we did there?). 

Here are some favorite baking-related podcasts to get inspired and learn new techniques to elevate your fall baking game and fill your kitchen with delicious delights. Now THAT’s Living Well! 

The Bake Down: Bake Off Reviewed

If you’re a fan of the beloved TV show “The Great British Bake Off,” this podcast is an absolute treat. The Bake Down recaps each episode of the show, discussing the bakes, challenges, and inevitable drama that unfolds in the iconic tent. Listening to The Bake Down is a delightful way to relive the show’s magic and pick up some baking tips and inspiration from the talented bakers competing in the series.1

The Crumb

The Crumb, presented by Baked From Scratch magazine, is a delectable audio journey into the heart of baking. Hosted by passionate bakers and editors from the magazine, this podcast is a delightful blend of inspiring stories, expert tips, and mouthwatering recipes. Each episode takes listeners on a flavorful exploration, uncovering the secrets behind the world’s most beloved desserts and breads. With so many delicious treats, The Crumb is the perfect accompaniment to fall baking.2

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Baking with House of Bread

Step into the world of professional baking with the Baking with House of Bread podcast. Hosted by Sheila McCann, the owner of the renowned House of Bread bakery, this podcast delves into the nitty-gritty of artisanal baking. Sheila shares her expert knowledge on a range of topics, from choosing the best ingredients to perfecting classic bread recipes. As the weather turns cooler, there’s nothing more comforting than filling your home with the aroma of freshly baked bread!3

Knead to Know

If you like your baking podcasts with a touch of gossip, the Knead to Know podcast is for you. Not only does the podcast share helpful baking tips, but it also serves up the freshest news, entertainment, gossip, and trends in baking.4 Join celebrity chefs Gina Brazão and Gemma Stafford as they navigate the world’s obsession with baking. With so many great reviews and over sixty episodes, you’ll be a baking (and baking news) expert in no time.4

Feeling inspired? Grab your apron, preheat your oven, and let these baking podcasts accompany you on your delicious fall baking endeavors! And while you’re waiting for those baked goods to cool, turn your attention to another great podcast – ours!  

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