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Empower Yourself to Fearlessly Pursue Your Goals So

You Can Live Well

Our clients sail, skydive and show up to work. They’re saving for college, dream cars and far-flung travel. They’re leaving debt behind, upgrading houses and preparing for their passion projects. They take care of their families. They take care of their employees. Our clients are all kinds of people. But they do have one thing in common. We help them make financial decisions with confidence. Because living well means living fearlessly (at least usually,) even when the markets are volatile. And that’s a mindset that comes when you’ve made a solid plan and wise investments.

The Balancing Act Years

The first phase of your wealth journey is based on earning and building, balancing and prioritizing: What’s most important? What do you pay first? Does a volatile market mean changing your plans?

We will work with you to design solutions, strategies and financial vehicles to help you balance your career, family, and leisure, all to help you feel confident that you’re achieving what you want, while still Living Well along the way.

Get Guidance

The Next Chapter Years

Congratulations as you approach the end of work-as-you-know-it. Transitioning from your focus on work into family time, leisure time and passion projects is a well-deserved reward to a career well-spent.

It also warrants professional guidance, especially in a post-pandemic world. We’ve spent decades advising on retiring strategically, and this year we’re walking our clients through the big twist: is it still the right time?

How We Help

Business Owners

You’ve worked hard to make your business into your most important financial asset. We’re here to help you leverage its value into the next phase of your life.

We advise on business strategy, retirement plans, succession planning and more, to help business owners maximize profitability and realize the value they’ve worked so hard to attain. You and your family deserve the perks of comprehensive financial planning.

Business Services

Business Executives

You rely on a strong team and strategic thinking every day to meet business goals, but what about your own financial and life goals?

We'll help you to maximize your income and compensation package while strategizing on your investments so you can Live Well – now and in the future.

Executive Advising

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Meet Our Five-Star Wealth Managers

2023 Five Star Wealth Manager Award 

created by Five Star Professional. The 2023 Five Star Wealth Manager Award was created by Five Star Professional, and presented in November 2023 based on data gathered between February 2023 and September 2023. A total of 3,564 Connecticut-area wealth managers were considered for the award; 313 (9% of candidates) were selected to receive it. Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or selected for the award, although they may choose to pay a fee for use of marketing materials. The award is not indicative of an advisor’s future performance, and your experience may vary. For more information about the award, visit fivestarprofessional.com.


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