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A Savvy Financial Plan for Early Retirement and Maximizing Company Stocks: Rick's Story Thumbnail

A Savvy Financial Plan for Early Retirement and Maximizing Company Stocks: Rick's Story

"I've worked in the aerospace industry for over 22 years, and am currently on an expat assignment in Switzerland as the managing director for my company’s global sales offices. At 50 years old, I realized I needed a financial advisor to help me plan for retirement. 

Initially, I had an ego about being able to manage investments myself, but I recognized how complicated and time-consuming it really is and that I just didn’t have that kind of time to devote. 

I was also hesitant to trust a financial advisor to truly have my best interests in mind when managing my life savings for retirement. Prior to meeting Leisl at WHZ, I had some mistrust based on not having enough information and negative stories I had read.

However, Leisl and the WHZ team have been completely transparent, patient, and have gained my trust. From the very first meeting, they made it clear there was no commitment required - it was just an initial dialogue to understand my goals. As we discussed further, I realized their expertise in developing customized retirement plans based on each client's unique situation.

They thoroughly assessed my current assets, liabilities, future expenditures like my daughter's upcoming wedding, and my goal to retire at 60.

Their sophisticated modeling showed me a realistic path to retire at 60 with guidance on managing my compensation package and balancing my investments.

Thanks to their advice to diversify from my company's stock, I've avoided major losses as that stock has dipped.

While the plan currently focuses on retirement, WHZ has discussed longer-term options like trusts for estate planning since I want to leave an inheritance. They've also advised me on healthcare costs between retirement and Medicare eligibility. Overall, their customized plan gives me confidence I'm on track.

My experience as an international client has been extremely positive.

WHZ accommodates my Switzerland location, communicating via phone or video calls. They provide frequent touchpoints but also make themselves available whenever I have a question, responding quickly.

Leisl has been absolutely amazing - knowledgeable, able to answer every question, and someone I deeply trust after overcoming my initial hesitation to work with a financial advisor. I've been so impressed that I've actually referred three friends and family members.

The WHZ team made the entire process easy through their transparency, patience, and expertise in developing a customized plan for my specific goals and circumstances. I'm confident I made the right choice with WHZ as my partner for retirement planning.

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This statement was provided 3/18/2024 by Rick Harvey who is a client. This statement may not be representative of the experience of others and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. For additional reviews, search us wherever local businesses are reviewed. 

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