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Ensuring Consistent Accountability to Work Toward Life's Goals: Matt and Jeannie's Story Thumbnail

Ensuring Consistent Accountability to Work Toward Life's Goals: Matt and Jeannie's Story


"We moved to Rhode Island about eight years ago. We both work in medical sales, and we have a 4-year-old son. Before he was born, we were just kind of moving fast, enjoying life, not really having much of a plan financially. His birth put a lot of things in perspective and changed our priorities.

We knew we needed more support to look at the bigger picture - his future, our retirement, that sort of thing. We didn't feel fully supported with the financial planner we were using before.

We met with a couple of firms through referrals, but WHZ differentiated themselves with their whole approach to planning and the ongoing support they demonstrated. It was something about their process, the quarterly meetings, and really ensuring we knew where we stood financially.


"The experience we've had with them is beyond just retirement financial planning. The guidance on making big financial decisions, whether we follow through or not - like when we looked at buying a business but ultimately decided it wasn’t the right move for us – as well as evaluating career moves and modeling the impacts.

They even pushed me to get life insurance. It wasn’t a priority for me, because I’m young and healthy. But I followed their advice and just weeks later, I ended up having a significant health event. Their persistence has meant so much for protecting my family, and their proactive approach to meetings is huge for us with our busy jobs and son.

We could easily blow it off, but they never let us, because we expressed in our very first meeting with them that it was important for us to check in regularly, and they made sure we did that. Whether it's a job change, new compensation, or our son's education plan changing, they're there to guide us every step.

We may not be WHZ’s wealthiest client, but I've never felt like we're not their most important client.

They're a true partner, modeling out our goals over the years as our family grows and our priorities evolve."

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This statement was provided 4/3/2024 by Jeannie and Matt Grenier who are clients. The image shown are models and not the actual clients. This statement may not be representative of the experience of others and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. For additional reviews, search us wherever local businesses are reviewed. 

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