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Invaluable Impact on Personal and Business Finances: Randy's Story Thumbnail

Invaluable Impact on Personal and Business Finances: Randy's Story

"I first met Jim Zahansky years ago when he was still working in the pharmaceutical industry and I had a marketing agency that did work for his company.

We hit it off early on and Jim became my client, but we also developed a friendship over time. When Jim made the move out of pharma into wealth management, it was around the same time that things were going really well financially for me at my company. Up until that point I hadn't been very strategic about investing or managing my money. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I was pretty risk-averse and just had most of my assets sitting in cash in the bank.

My previous broker was getting up there in age, so when Jim joined WHZ, I decided to have him and his team take over managing my finances. At the beginning, I had nothing in terms of an investment strategy or financial plan. They basically did my entire financial plan from soup to nuts.

WHZ helped me balance protecting my assets through conservative investment approaches while also optimizing opportunities for growth. They made sure I was checking all the boxes in terms of saving for my two daughters' college funds and my own retirement planning.

More recently, when I sold my business, they were in lockstep with me every step of the way.

They reviewed all the paperwork, helped me understand the tax implications, and advised on strategies to minimize the tax impact and properly manage the proceeds. It was invaluable to have their knowledgeable perspective on the other side of that deal. 

Throughout my different business activities over the years, Jim and his team have been there as advisors and an extra set of eyes. They help ensure I'm being taken care of and not getting taken advantage of. I know that any movement of money can't happen without them giving me a call first to verify- that peace of mind is huge. I never feel any pressure from them to do certain things. Jim understands how to be an asset to clients for the long haul rather than just trying to make a quick sale. It's a true professional, trustworthy environment working with his entire team. I always recommend them to anyone looking for wealth management services."

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This statement was provided 3/15/2024 by Randy Defillips who is a client. The image shown is a model and not the actual client. This statement may not be representative of the experience of others and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. For additional reviews, search us wherever local businesses are reviewed. 

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