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Meticulous Customization to Help Maximize Compensation and Investments: Bill's Story Thumbnail

Meticulous Customization to Help Maximize Compensation and Investments: Bill's Story

"I've spent my entire career in the pharmaceutical industry and seen great financial success, with a variety of compensation package benefits accumulating over the years. But I hadn’t done much long-term financial planning and I just don’t have the interest or the time to manage investments. 

A close friend referred me to Weiss, Hale & Zahansky Strategic Wealth Advisors. From our first meeting, I realized that my advisor and the entire WHZ team take a very personal, tailored approach to financial planning.

They take the time to understand my personal financial wishes and goals, then expertly craft comprehensive plans to achieve them. For example, when I decided I wanted to retire early with a certain amount of money earmarked each year for travel, they mapped out multiple scenarios showing me how I could make this dream a reality.  

They’ve helped me navigate a number of major life events like that over the years. Not just retirement planning, but also managing generational wealth transfer, and even my divorce.

Most recently, they’ve guided me through converting my employee stock purchase plan and strategizing on my restricted stock units to manage the tax implications of that and make the income from those benefits as tax-efficient as possible.

I’m continually impressed with the financial acumen at WHZ and how they anticipate issues or opportunities I may not have considered. Their approach to my financial strategy is truly holistic.

I can trust that they’ll take care of my investments and portfolio management, so I don’t even worry about my financial plan, or about market volatility. WHZ has given me absolute confidence about what I'm doing financially, and what I’ll be able to achieve. 

The value I have received goes far beyond the services provided. Jim and the entire WHZ team make me feel like part of their family—always welcoming, responsive and looking out for my best interests. I cannot recommend them highly enough for customized, thoughtful financial guidance and wealth management.

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This statement was provided 2/29/2024 by Bill Eicholzer who is a client. This statement may not be representative of the experience of others and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. For additional reviews, search us wherever local businesses are reviewed. 

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