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Supportive Collaboration for Every New Goal: Jennifer's Story Thumbnail

Supportive Collaboration for Every New Goal: Jennifer's Story

"As someone who has frequently relocated for work over the last few years – including a period of time overseas – managing my finances and retirement savings became increasingly challenging.

I knew I needed professional guidance to ensure my money was being properly managed, especially with unique income situations in each location.

It was during this timeframe that I turned to WHZ, and my old friend Jim who worked there. Our prior relationship instilled a level of trust from the outset. When we met to discuss having them manage my investments, Jim clearly explained the hands-off yet personalized experience I could expect. The idea of having my finances fully managed in a way that allowed me to take a step back and not have to think about it day-to-day really appealed to me. 

Since then, working with the WHZ team has put me completely at ease.

The annual meetings provide the perfect level of interaction for me - not too much, not too little. If I ever have concerns about market conditions or need to access cash, I know they'll be there to support me. That peace of mind is truly invaluable.

And what truly sets them apart is their holistic approach tailored to my specific life circumstances and goals.

The conversations go far beyond just investment returns and savings targets. They take the time to understand where I'm at in both my life and career, adjusting my financial strategy to realistically meet both present and future needs – and there's never any pressure to do more than I'm able. 

In fact, when I decided to change careers during the pandemic, WHZ fully supported my aspirations. As I worked to re-establish my income over time, they ensured my investment approach adapted accordingly. And when I was finally ready to take that next step, setting up an additional retirement account was a seamless one-week process from start to finish.

Above all, the team's attentiveness to me as a whole person, not just a client, is unparalleled.

Even small gestures, like offering to connect me with another employee when I struggled with something similar, reinforce an authentic investment in my overall well-being. With WHZ, I have a trusted partner and we’re working towards my financial future together.

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